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Your membership in the New York Society of Neurosurgery (NYSN) puts you in the company with the best of NYC and the metro area’s Neurosurgeons, Residents and Fellows. With connections made at NYSN events, the careers of many of our members have evolved, grown, and flourished over the years…a sure sign that membership is a way to advance your own career.

Our unique Charles A. Elsberg lectures help members improve their skills, expand their areas of expertise, or learn something new. Meet new people, find a new job, get new business – it’s all possible with the network you create as a member of NYSN.

Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to give back to the profession by contributing your own knowledge and experiences.

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Benefits of Membership

Department Annual Member Dues Payment
$2,000 per year

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Individual Member Dues Payment
$175 per year

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